Vision and Manifesto

The Vision of the Wow Center

The vision of the Wow Center is... use media, events, organization, and inspiration, locally, nationally and globally to nurture, develop and support human potential and to develop THE POSSIBLE LIFE, the ultimate life. be a clearinghouse of understanding, awareness, insights and collaboration in the exploration and the development of human life to higher levels and its transformation.

The Wow Center Manifesto

Why are the following myths (I assert strongly that they are myths), of lack and limitation being perpetuated?

What's the evidence that these commonly-held beliefs are untrue?

1. To succeed you must go to school...even college;
2. Most artists, writers, actors...and other practitioners of creative pursuits are destined not to earn a good living;
3. Students are expected to have very little money to spend while they are going to college;
4. Some diseases are "incurable" and some are "curable"; treatments contribute to health;
5. Hospitals are better and safer for delivering babies;
6. Many or most humans are poor or mediocre learners;
7. Most people are not creative;
8. Poverty comes from material lack, disadvantagess/handicaps, unequal distribution of resources and injustice.

This list is a short one compared to the one I could and will compile...and it lists some of the most important and defining myths of our society. Counter to these and other major myths of lack and limitation in our society, there is an abundance of knowledge, recognition, awareness and results to clearly demonstrate our true nature and the nature of life that goes counter to these myths. These understandings form a context for an expanded conception of what is possible for humans and our life and society. This expanding body of understanding exists on the fringe of our society...and the cutting edge. It is not generally accepted, it generally goes counter to accepted reality, and is often resisted and suppressed.

I've spent 42 years exploring and searching this expanded understanding and have dealt repeatedly with skepticism,(understandable, under the circumstances), resistance, close-mindedness and aggressive efforts by authorities to suppress it.

This understanding demonstrates a range of gifts within us humans and available in the environment in the form of support, resources and opportunities...sufficient to transform our experience of life...and enough to explode our abilities and results exponentially compared to the already impressive gains humans have made so far.

These gifts and advantages are so great, that they can quickly make possible an end to illness, poverty, alienation, war, discord, hate, distrust, scarcity of joy, happiness and fulfillment and love in our world. Yes this is a pretty audacious claim.

Consider the following: Why don't most folks know about these powerful examples of human ability?; what does each and all of them collectively, reveal about our true human capability, gifts and advantages? ; what major social problems (most alluded to in the preceding paragraph) would disappear with the mainstreaming of the following examples?: (The following questions are not just claims, they are well-supported assertions) :

1. Why have thousands of people experienced reversal of heart disease and fatty hardening of the arteries with plaques (atherosclerosis), yet most people don't know it, with millions dying pre-maturely and/or enduring dangerous and costly drug and surgical treatments that merely patch or delay the process?

2a. Why is ignorance being perpetuated?

2b. Why is the knowledge of ineffective and dangerous mainstream approaches to illness and powerfully effective alternative lifestyle approaches being covered up and suppressed?

3a. Why have hundreds of thousands of people around the world: a. taken off their glasses permanently because they learned how to make their vision optimal through the development of simple natural habits; why do most only learn about glasses and/or surgery (i.e. laser surgery) which do nothing to support normal sight?

3b. taught their kids to read, to understand math, to develop an encyclopedic knowledge and to become physically superb from pre-school age down to as young as six months or even younger, while most of the world and even America's advanced culture has the majority of its population struggle with learning at all ages?

4. Why have hundreds of children in each of two schools, one in Chicago and one in Los Angeles, transformed their learning results from backward and struggle to excellence and extraordinary?

...and why do most folks know little or nothing about it?...and why aren't broad efforts being made to mainstream these approaches? Both examples have been established for some twenty years ! Both are celebrated, yet still little known with little commitment to learn from them or to use them as models!

5. Why have thousands of folks learned a foreign language (and many other subjects), at the rate of 200-1000 words a day (many times the conventional rate, and with 90% retention (a quantum leap over conventional retention rates), and without the heavy study, tension and anxiety of conventional methods..or the attendant related stress disorders? Though being researched for over 30 years it is still not being mainstreamed or modeled!

6. Why have thousands of people of all ages healed with organic disorders under chiropractic care in its century-long history, and yet most folks, even most currently practicing chiropractors are unaware or disbelieving them despite their massive numbers? Why are there well-documented and massive suppression of these results and results from other fields by organized medicine and other scientific agencies over these generations? What do advances and discoveries in non-mainstream fields threaten?

7. Why are there thousands of remarkable recoveries from "terminal" diseases and most people are unaware of it? Who's hiding these results/ Why?

8. Why aren't remarkable recoveries, especially those with people who have not had it treated, being explored for clues of why they recover,,,and why aren't there population studies carefully counting the number of remarkable recoveries? What are we not learning about the healing process that can bring people recovery and lasting health in greater numbers?

9. Why, in the most entrepreneurial society in history, is the average person discouraged from becoming self-employed in favor of "safer" and "more secure" conventional job options, through the misleading conclusions drawn by "experts' of statistics on business start-up survival and profitability rates?

10.Why is the awareness of ineffectiveness and danger of conventional approaches being covered up...not to speak of common dangerous mistakes and malpractice and badly trained practitioners and personnel? ..not to speak of the horrendous monetary costs of these methods vs. inexpensive and safe and effective alternative approaches?