The Life Center

Big Ideas

The following brief excerpts and quotes were taken from the book, The Little Book of Big Ideas, by Harold R. McAlindon and Michael Michalko. (Except when indented, or otherwise noted.) They reflect much of the perspective and vision of this site and the developing innovation and life work: The Life Center, along with my commentary on how they relate.

"Create an uninhibited environment that encourages open discussion of ideas."

Not only will The Life Center offer this, it will also offer an anything-is-possible, you-can-do-it atmosphere that openly challenges the "Oh, be realistic" challenge that the oh-so-vital dreamers in our society often get whenever they share their dreams with a "friend" or valued authority figure in their life.

What's a Big Idea?

"Big ideas come in all shapes and sizes. To recognize them we have to be searching for them and be open to their power."

"A big idea changes your life."

The Life Center and The Wow Center and Dr. Talsky's campaign for human potential are such ideas designed to have a global and transformational impact. "It helps solve a problem", often by transcending it,"create opportunity," often by exposing it, "or enriches your life in ways that are important to you."

"My method for identifying big ideas is not very scientific. A big idea will excite you. It puts a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye. It will stir your creative juices and demand that you pursue it with passion."

"Finally it is an idea that is truly you, unique to your interests, talents and ambitions. I hope this book will help you discover yours!"

The Life Center is designed to systematically support you in discovering The Big Idea of your life, revealing your life-work, your purpose, mission and unique contribution to your lifetime and the world.

Creative Reflections

"Actualizing your creative potential is promoted with a relaxed introspection of your self."

"What makes me happy?
What generates or draws out happiness?
What am I proud of?
What is really important to me?
How am I spending my life?
What am I contributing?
What do I believe in?
What do I stand for?
Am I living up to my potential?
What are my strengths?
What Are my values?"

"A variety of interests in life will help you grow creatively."

"To create is to touch the spirit."

" Say YES to ideas, challenges, and life."

Which reminds me of a wonderful book title: Don't Stop At Green Lights, which is an eloquent commentary on the abundant opportunities and openings daily in our life.

Other Big Ideas

"Creativity is within everyone" --Rene McPherson
"As your nurture your own creativity, life will naturally become more meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable."
"Creativity is an expression of who we are, not what we do or have."
"Creativity is an urge to express our 'aliveness' ".
"When your life itself becomes the subject matter of the creative process, a very different experience of life opens to you"--Robert Fritz
"Assumptions are the death of possibilities"--James Mapes
"Practice seeing things from perspectives other than your own."

Personal Benefits To Creativity

There are many reasons why an idea-rich life is a worthy pursuit.

"The following are a few of the most valuable personal gains."

  1. "An intense 'aliveness' and increased self-confidence."
  2. The lack of this aliveness is I think one of the major reasons people turn to drugs, alcohol and even caffeine.
  3. "Reduction of stress"
  4. I distinguish tension, an internal reaction to stress, from stress itself. The reaction can be modified through awareness of it, intension to alter the reaction as well as the judgements and perceptions that frame the stress. (i.e. It's cloudy, which doesn't mean dreary. Or it's Monday, does mean it's time to be defensive.)
  5. "An inner sense of well being and peace."
  6. "More control of your job and your life."
  7. "Personal satisfaction of experiencing your true self in unique and fulfilling ways"