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Debunking Myths of Lack and Limitation:

Chance are you've never heard of The Life Center (TLC); Pretty soon you may not want to be without one

  • Get a kick out of your life; pull the stops out;
  • A new kind of social experience;
  • An education like none other, regardless of your age (life-long);
  • Discover and develop you true ability and capacity; greater than you could possibly imagine;
  • Activate and actualize your wildest dreams;
  • Explore the abundance of ready, able, willing and eager humans of all ages and types wanting to make a difference, to be useful and valued, accessible and available to you just a phone call or e-mail or web-link away (or two or three or four), in support of your dreams, goals and projects...and bringing you a wealth way-creating ideas and know-how;
  • Discover your joy and happiness buttons and press, press, press;
  • Find and develop your path to purpose and fulfillment;
  • Explore the further reaches of love: Open to loving yourself, life, people and life experiences;
  • Instead of solving problems, dissolve them by making them obsolete through transcending them...growing, developing, transformation and breakthrough:
  • You can dissolve them partially through discovering and creating possibilities, opportunities, ideas, understanding, wisdom, freedom and resources you never imagined were available to you;
  • Find that when you open up your expression your creativity flows;
  • Develop perspective and a sense of proportion by focusing on what matters, what's essential..then have it and you make a difference;
  • Discover the key to "plenty" and an end to "lack and limitation";
  • Dissolve inappropriate and ingrained-patterned f.e.a.r.s, (False Evidence Appearing Real), and distance and alienation from people that can enrich your life and create dynamic, healthy relationships;
  • Replace little confidence with rich confidence, manifesting and developing your inborn uniqueness designed to make an extraordinary contribution to this world, a legacy.

The Life Center is a design for a nurturing, supportive, integrative, resource- and awareness-rich environment; "A Green-House For Humans"; including exposure to radical, dynamic, breakthrough ideas leading to a thriving, optimal life: an idea portal. Imagine exploding your creativity in scope, transforming life's mundane moments into moments of "Wow" Build deep reserves of vitality. Create on-going, relentless ebullience for living. Regain a willingness to experiment; an insatiable appetite for widely varied experiences. It's not just about becoming enlightened; it's especially about not being "endarkened" !