The Life Center

A Call to Action

Dreams are wonderful things. This is about my (Dr. Richard Talsky) life dream, and it could be part of yours.

"If You Build It, They Will Come"

A phrase inspired by the wonderful movie, A Field of Dreams. I'm building my field of dreams and I'm inviting you to come. If you care about dreams, yours and those of others, I invite you take a look at joining with me in making difference in supporting people, including yourself in building their dreams.

My life dream is to create a network of community-based centers, one in every neighborhood in the Chicago area, called The Life Center described in these pages. People need a place to go, a Third Place, to be with people who support dreams and unlimited possibilities. Imagine an environment where anything is possible, and you believe in your own dreams.

Those around you: your peers and others will help you realize them. Each of us was born with a unique package of gifts designed for us to make a singular contribution, like a snowflake to this life. This package includes talents, desires, interests, curiosities and a dream system of visons of possibilities for yourself and the world around you. All of this is a one-of-a-kind combination. These are the keys to your unique life purpose, mission and life work.

The Life Center is designed to be a place and an environment where you and your uniqueness can be developed to fulfillment and because of that the world, all of humanity today and tomorrow develops in the process.

For many years I've been devloping as my mission, my dream, my vision of these centers and its unique environment. Now, if it matters to you, I'm calling for help in making this happen.

Opening Anew, How You Can Help

I had a center open for a couple of years up to 1997, on the north side of Chicago. I'm ready to open one again. If you'd like to participate in any way: with ideas, resources, contacts, especially with a place or a lead to a space, that someone has available for loan or donation. Or, if you're interested in membership participation, YOU CAN CONTACT ME by e-mail at:

I'm a chiropractor who stopped practicing for a living 8 years ago, (Jan.), to prepare to create these centers, and to establish a support structure to facilitate their development. This suppot structure includes public speaking, public seminars, media interviews, a radio show, a newspaper (The Free Agent), a web site (this one), coaching services and public events.. I'm also self-publishing hte first of 3 books, (see 50 Ways to Thrive), and other forms of writing and speaking..

I will soon announce regular public get-to-gethers, orientations, , to better convey what The Life Center has to offer and the difference it can make in people's lives and in the community and society.