The Life Center

The Life Center's Mission:

To provide environments and support and fellowship for nurturing and developing human potential and all the possibilities of life; the thriving, optimal life.

What is The Life Center?

TLC is designed to be a place in every community, (initially throughout the Chicago area), where members can support one another in creating an optimal life, and together an optimal society, using teams and mentoring to develop dreams, goals and projects, and as a result a life flowing out of life work, life purpose, mission rather than career as separate from the rest of living.

The aim of TLC is providing daily educational programs that focus on drawing out the possible human rather than putting facts, information and knowledge into us. The programs include discussions, and forums, seminars and "play"-shops. To also further growth and social engagement the centers will include events, games, breakthrough models and a unique environment of hospitality and an "anything is possible" ethos.

It is designed to be a haven, an oasis in the city, a green-house for humans, a kind of "third place", as described in the book, The Great Good Place, by Ray Oldenburg. The Wow Center was originally conceived as a theme center, a flagship for TLC. The theme center is visualized containing over a dozen complimentary businesses in an environment speaking, "Life is Wow and Let's Put More Wows Into It!"


Chances are you've never heard of a TLC. It stands for The Life Center. Take a look of the list of benefits and you may decide, "this is for me."

A Call To Action

The Life Center is designed to be a place, an environment where you and your uniqueness can be developed to fulfillment, and out of your fulfillment and that of those around you, all of humanity develops in the process. For many years I've been developing the vision of these centers and their unique environment. If this calls to you, why not help make it happen. You can make a difference.

Big Ideas

Here are some reflections on excerpts from The Little Book of Big Ideas, by Harold R. McAlindon and Michael Michalko. This book reflects much of the perspective and vision of this site and the developing innovation and life work of The Life Center.