Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by Human Potential?

A. Human potential is all that is available to each individual; it is all that we have going for us and is mostly out of our awareness. Because of social conditioning and limiting beliefs it is, for-the-time being unavailable to us. Examples of what's available to us is our inner gifts (talents, capacities, our dreams and unique desires); the gifts and opportunities that other humans present through harmony and cooperation,; and the gifts of the environment (resources, opportunities, and undiscovered laws and principles).

Q. What are you really and simply aiming to accomplish with this site?

A: The ultimate objective with thewowcenter.com is to move into the mainstream a wealth of possibilities about human beings that are known by a few on what is called the "fringe" of discovery. Most new understanding and knowledge historically has started there. We aim to get the world to participate with us in integrating all this understanding in one place.

Q. Why do you call this "The Wow Center"?

A: For several reasons. It symbolizes the possibilities of life putting more wows into your life. Also, this site on the web previews a site off the web call The Wow Center which is a planned 21st century theme center for healthy living and personal growth---human potential. It will be a multi-modal approach to introducing people to all kinds of services fogrowth and development and health and healing 9Without treatment). Also, the wow center is about altering our view from reactive to proactive, creative and from solving problems to creating optimal ways of being that make problems obsolete.

It is designed to be a haven, an oasis in the city, a green-house for humans, a kind of "third place", as described in the book, The Great Good Place, by Ray Oldenburg. The Wow Center was originally conceived as a theme center, a flagship for TLC. The theme center is visualized containing over a dozen complimentary businesses in an environment speaking, "Life is Wow and Let's Put More Wows Into It!"