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Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. This began my 40+ year quest and exploration.

Move Ahead With Possibility Thinking, Robert Schuller. I've read all or most of at least ten of his several dozen books and watched well over 100 hours of his national one-hour, weekly TV show, Hour of Power.

Superlearning, Ostrander. This amazing book exploded my awareness of what humans can do. An update and sequel, was published in the '90s, 15 years after the first.

Better Eyesight Without Glasses, Bates. A revolutionary lifestyle approach that has touched hundreds of thousands of people of all ages around the world previously dependant on glasses; including two of the most famous, Aldous Huxley (described in his book, The Art of Seeing), and Nathan Pritikin, founder of the Pritikin Progranm.

Pritikin, The Man Who Healed America's Heart (biog.), Nathan Pritikin. This book greatly expanded my vision of what a single non-credentialed expert can do to make a major impact on world health. It's tragic and revealing that most establishment health experts ignore his contributions.

Live Longer Now, Nathan Pritikin. His first book laying out the background and the revolutionary insights of this breakthrough lifestyle approach to reversing heart disease and sparking regeneration in degenerative disease in general. Revolutionary, visionary and paradigm shifting.

The Pritikin Program, Nathan Pritikin. The first presentation of the complete program that is still precipitating a revolutionary lifestyle shift in our society, and the basis for 75,000 people going through his unique longevity center in Southern California.