People and Ideas

The Epiphany

Whenever I've done the unprecedented, the unpredictable, the unanticipated, the creative, inventive thing that people think is impossible, I am pushing the envelope of my life and life in general. When people do this, it is a heroic act, for it is an example of the adventurous, playful, bold, experimental life...and it's rewards..being fully alive...the vision of The Life Center, 50 Ways, and this campaign and my public speaking.

Whenever I've held back, procrastinated, or moved too hesitantly because of self-doubt or doubt about how others will react, I've not had a creative result...I've had a wimpy result. If I can keep getting (remembering) and also sharing this awareness with others, this will extend my and humanity's experience of life into fuller possibilities.

My epiphany was sparked today by reading two stories in the paper today. One was about a kid born in poverty who said , "I'm going to be a preacher." Nobody believed he could. And what a life Jack Hyles built.

A feature story (extended obit.) about his celebrated life described his creation of the largest church in the country (measured in av. weekly attendance, 10s of thousands), six schools he created, and a sunday school with 200 buses bringing 7-15,000 each week to sunday school from all over the Chicago area.

In my life I alternate between possibility...and unsure-ness and doubt; from unstop-ability to easily stopped. My greatest moments have been in the midst of doing something I had no assurance i could do and doing it spontaneously and seeminly with little or no doubt, or at least the doubt having little or no affect on me.

It has been a central theme of my life to confront the dilemma of doubt, the opportunity and challenge of spontaneity, and the alternating issue of acting with a sense "it will happen no matter what" and "I'm not sure," and having that stop me or make my efforts halting and meek by comparison.

This is a central part of the web site and of my campaign,and my life purpose: To resolve this conflict and to move ahead dynamically, and continually extending the limits of my, and human expression generally.

I want to get this across clearly on this web site.

The other part of the epiphany relates to a story about a one-man show about Buck Fuller, (R. Buckminster Fuller.). His life illustrates not only the possibility for extending our life experience beyond the bound of ordinary possibility; it also illustrated how our thinking can go beyond our pre-conceptions and assumption, beliefs and certainties that lead us to a sense of lack and limitation.

I did a search on him minutes ago and what an abundance of great ideas, examples and insights into the ultimate possibilities of life, beyond what we think is possible with ordinary, conventional thinking.

He and Nikola Tesla, Edison,(in invention), Heime Escallante (Stand and Deliver), Marva Collins, Georgi Lozonov, Glenn Doman ,(in education, L. Ron Hubbard, Werner Ehrhard, D.D. and B.J. Palmer, bates, Schuller, Pritikin have all pushed the envelope of human ability. These and hundreds more will be featured in "People and Ideas" and then further developed in "resources".

- Dr. Richard Talsky