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Dr. Talsky has spent many years in the exploration of human well-being and the ultimate possibilities for human expression and life. Through 33 years serving people with chiropractic and by sharing his discoveries through mentoring, coaching, writing, broadcasting, newspaper publishing, and public speaking during his entire adult life, he has fostered human growth, development, health and well-being.

Since the early '70s, when he first conceived of The Life Center, and now more recently The Wow Center, (this site on the web and an actual place, a comprehensive human possibility theme center), he has confronted many challenges, and generated a series of breakthroughs.

This is some of his story.

50 Ways to Thrive: Putting the Sizzle Back Into Your Life

The unlimited potential like a seed within us is more than a dream.

In this, Dr. Talsky's inspirational new book, he offers 50 key characteristics, present in thrivers he's studied over his entire adult life, several decades. These characteristics where present consistently in thriving individuals, couples, families, organizations,communities and societies.

In these ways he reveals the infinite access we have as individuals and relationships to develop possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations for expression, health and healing, creativity, relationship, invention and discovery to transcend our sense of lack and limitation in creating an extraordinary life.

Where is it?

Coming soon, there will be excerpts of the book on this site. Soon after you will be able to download this book or order it in paperback for delivery to you. Discuss this with Dr. Talsky.


Dr. Talsky writes with the intention of shaking the very foundation of the way people think about themselves, other people, circumstances, and the experience of life itself. Each essay is a potent commentary on the nature of human potential and the possibilities for life. Take a look today at what he has written. Also, take a look at his reviews in the resources pages and check out his book: 50 Ways To Thrive; Putting The Sizzle Back Into Your Life.

Personal Coaching

Dr. Talsky is available as a personal coach worldwide. Coaching is a one-on-one process, by which a person accesses and develops his potential and the possibilities of life more fully. Thriving as an individual, couple, family and organization are available from coaching. The aim is creating optimal results and having optimal results start now. Due to his strong desire to make coaching available, find out how nearly everyone can afford to pay for it right now.

Public Speaking

Find the optimum potential of the whole group! Dr. Talsky is available to speak to groups large and small, locally, nationally or around the world. Take a look at the variety of topics of interest to your group

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To arrange for coaching, planning for publishing, public speaking, ordering Dr. Talsky's book, or just to talk about the unlimited possibilities inherent in each of us, in collaboration with others, and in the gifts abundantly available to us in the world, contact Dr. Talsky