Dr. Richard Talsky

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Public Speaking

Inspire your company or organization, school/college, association, convention, conference, sales or marketing/distribution organization, or club.

Open people's minds to possibilities never considered before.

Hear and interact with an entertaining dynamic vision, expressed with passion, conviction and imagination that can generate unprecedented results with the participants, moving them to unanticipated, inspired creation, participation, expression and achievement.

Our lives often get set in a narrow range of possibilities compared to what individuals and organizations are really capable of expressing.

Dr. Talsky has for 41 years followed his insatiable curiosity ever wider and deeper in the exploration of human possibilities and potential.

He has explored the invisible. (Remember most of light waves, sound waves and other kinds of energy radiation and air are invisible and imperceptible most of the time). Most of our world, our life is unrecognizable and unperceivable. It is there, yet we don't see or hear it. Becoming aware of the more that is there, discovery, makes an incredible difference.

The Invisible:

"We look at it and do not see it: its name is the Invisible;
We listen to it and do not hear it:
its name is the Inaudible;
We touch it and do not find it:
its name is the Formless" -- Lao Tzu

It makes the impossible possible.

"It's the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive." -- Leadbeater

Your Possibilities are Limitless

You are surrounded by and have within you more possibilities than you could act upon in a dozen lifetimes. Consider sharing the surplus you have. Imagine the possibilities and your vision expands.

You have powers and abilities you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do.

There are no limitations to what can happen for you but what you accept in your mind.

When the impossible has been eliminated whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is possible. You don't know what you can do until you go for it.

Life is wonderful because it gives you chances. You have a fair turn to be as great as you please.

Current Speech Topics

  • Access To Unlimited Possibilities: Idea Power To do nearly anything. When you're up against the wall and it seems like you've tried every- thing..... you haven't!
  • Creating A Powerful Future, Now
  • Real Solutions to poverty, illiteracy, violence, hate, alienation, racism, bigotry, "mal-education", family breakdown, community breakdown, low self-esteem & self-confi- dence, wasted talent, under- and unemployment, hopelessness, depression, disease, and poverty-in-the-midst-of-plenty.
  • The Power of People To Bring "Heaven On Earth" To Any Situation Ordinary people who have made an extraordinary impact on people's lives. You and I can too.
  • 50 Ways To Thrive, Putting The Sizzle Back Into Your Life (Based on the book, also inquire about his upcoming multi-session course)
  • Anything is Possible (Also, his upcoming book) Stories of people who have proved it.
  • Find Your Niche and Scratch it (Also, his upcoming book) Find your calling, your unique contribution, your mission, generate time-less flow, create your life-work, your vision of the possible life, your joy.
  • Your Life Can Be Marvelous, Give Yourself A Life Sentence: A Wonderful Life
  • The Promise of Each Human Being: Genius, Champion and Greatness
  • You Can Ask For The Moon and Get It, The Power of A.S.K--Ask, Seek, Knock.
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