A Few Words About Chiropractic As A Major Focus of The Wow Center.

This is not a chiropractic web site; it is not mainly about chiropractic. The Wow Center is mainly about you, a human being, what is possible for you (so much more than you suspect) and the possibilities of life: Your Potential and humanity's potential.

I've have spent 40+years exploring the depth and variety of perspectives available in the prospect of developing human possibilities more fully.

Chiropractic is the single perspective that has occupied this entire 40+ year exploration. It is the one that I know and understand the best. It has served as my profession, my main livelihood for almost all of the 26 years from 1967-1993.

Yet chiropractic has only been one of hundreds of approaches and perspectives I've studied since 1959 when I was 16.

- Dr. Richard Talsky