50 Ways to Thrive

50 Ways to Thrive

The 50 Ways to Thrive Titles

  1. Use It--Don't Lose it (read it!)
  2. Be An Idea Generator (read it!)
  3. Tap Into Love--A Powerful Force In Creating Your Life's Work(read it!)
  4. Anything Is Possible--A Basis For Faith
  5. Synergy Magic--Together We're More
  6. The Power of "Coincidence"
  7. Enjoy Every Moment
  8. Know Yourself
  9. Share Yourself With Others
  10. A.S.K.--Ask, Seek, Knock
  11. Love Sees What's Good
  12. Keep Your Mind On What You Want and Off What You Don't
  13. I Can Do it
  14. You Can Do It Too
  15. The Power of Expectation
  16. Discover Your Infinite Capacity
  17. Progressive Conditioning
  18. Breakthrough
  19. Riding Your Energy Tail
  20. Flow
  21. Eat To Thrive
  22. Observe The Achievers
  23. Reach For Greatness
  24. Investment Power
  25. Commit To Create
  26. Consciousness-Raising
  27. Dare To Be Different
  28. Health Is Your Birthright
  29. Allow Yourself Happiness
  30. Time Is Eternal
  31. Leverage
  32. Create Your Own Luck
  33. Positive Thinking
  34. Wisdom
  35. The Creativity of Expression
  36. It's Never Too Late
  37. It's Never Too Early
  38. What's Your Handicap?
  39. The Art of Belief
  40. The Art of Negotiation
  41. Intent
  42. Priceless Knowledge
  43. Highlight The Benefits
  44. Help and You Will Be Helped
  45. The Holistic Approach
  46. Appreciate The Power of Democracy
  47. Networking Power
  48. Do What Your Love and Meet The People You Want To Meet
  49. Seek--Provide--Earn
  50. Create Your Life...NOW!

Some of the "ways":

1. Use It--Don't Lose It

Use everything you are. Use and develop your talents, your abilities, your strengths. Develop your body and your mind. Stretch your creativity. Your are a wondrous creation and a powerful generator of creativity.

If you use your bones, muscles and ligaments while gradually taking on increasing challenges, your body will become stronger and more capable of reaching, twisting, lifting and carrying. In time, grocery bags and children will seem lighter. For example, regular running, climbing, skiing, walking or rowing for 15 minutes nonstop, repeated with increasing frequency throughout each day increases the capacity of your heart, lungs, and blood vessels. If you’re a couch potato or spend most of your time sitting at a desk or a computer or in your car, those same bones, muscles and ligaments will shrink, tighten or degenerate. Your bones actually lose density with lack of use.

The same goes for your mind or creative abilities. The more you challenge them, the quicker or more richly they will respond, and these capacities will, become broader and deeper. What you use grows and develops so that what seems "hard" at first, seems "easier" after practice. What you use becomes more available for your use…that's a law of life.

TIP: Prime the pump! Be mindful of the impact of your actions. Make a list Of your daily activities that repeat over time. Do any develop your body? Do any develop your mind? Both? Is your work or hobby mentally challenging or Could you "perform them in your sleep?" Do they stimulate your creativity? What encourages you during the week to come up with fresh solutions?…new ideas?…new artistic endeavors? Evaluate your growth potential for an average week.

Instead of thinking of making use of your talents, abilities and body parts as "exercise," lets start thinking of "being active" as increasing the challenge you take on. For example, you can climb stairs more often, walk more often, find more things to lift…and more often; move more things, bend your spine, in all the ways it bends, more often; take deeper breaths…and more often. Your body and all its parts were meant to be used…or lost. It’s a law of life.

Concentrate on more challenge, more often. Invent new projects with which to challenge yourself. The results of these projects will expand and heighten your impact and the difference you make in this world. Use your talents, your imagination, your hunches, your ideas, and accordingly each capacity will grow, as will you the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

2. Be An Idea Generator

Wealth can equal finding needs and satisfying them, especially when delivered with delight. You may not realize that you are an idea factory, able to turn out thousands of ideas each week. Your ideas can satisfy. (delight) an abundance of needs/wants, both your own and those of others. Develop yourself and contribute to others by building your own personal idea generator through regular daily cultivation and use. Your idea-creating capacity is one of your greatest sources of abundance.

TIP: Brainstorm! Set aside 30 minutes a day and call it your "Idea Time." Write down a need or a want. Be specific in phrasing it and place it at the top of your "play sheet." Ask yourself ,"how might I satisfy (delight) this need or want?" Then, underneath your question, list all the ideas that occur to you, that connect to that need/want. Go for the maximum number of ideas in a given time; add ideas that come forth from previous ideas. Be free-wheeling and non-judge- mental, as you list ideas---the more the better. Aim for the maximum number of ideas in, say 30 minutes.

Go longer if you wish, especially if the ideas continue continue to flow freely. Finish the list completely before you even think of assessing which ideas are useful or not. Before finally deciding which ideas to use, wait a few hours, or better a few days, to give time to develop perspective and distance from your "babies." Practice this every day with a new need or want for yourself or for others. You will develop a supercharged creative imagination. Use it daily and it will grow daily.

3. Tap Into Love--A Powerful Force In Creating Your Life's Work

Love what you do and do what you love. Seek your life’s work, a mission It’ll make a difference to you…and a major difference in the world around you. When love is the source of what you do, you tap into your powerful inner energy generator. Enthusiasm is a trademark of love, a joyful out- pouring from within. Seek work that naturally expresses your unique creative spirit. When you do what you love, you do it well, and the energy is vibrant---you’re fully alive !

Don’t confuse working intensely with forcing yourself to work. Although the activity you choose may involve long hours, time will pass quickly, or even without a sense of time passing. Th e activity may draw on much skill, talent and energy to execute, yet when the drive flows from within you, work turns into play and "expresses itself" naturally, leaving you feeling peaceful and energized rather than anxious and drained. Those around you will "catch" the energy of your "being," your enthusiasm enhancing the environment.

TIP: Ask yourself: Does this activity put a smile on my face? Do I want to leap out of my bed at the start of my day because of it? Would I do this my whole life without financial payment? Have I already been doing it because I enjoy it? …with little or no payment of any other kind? Do I have a drive from within to do this? Ask, then turn your attention inward for an indication. If you can answer "yes" naturally, easily and spontaneously, then you’re on to something.

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