50 Ways to Thrive

50 Ways to Thrive

The Book's Introduction:

Imagine a world of dreams come true...
imagine a world saturated with expressed creativity...
imagine a peaceful feeling of fulfillment...
imagine pursuing your mission in life...
imagine the world belongs to you, and you in it.

Life doesn't just happen.

If when aiming to accomplish something, each of us would figure out how we could do it, and figure out what we had going for us--our advantages, our assets, our resources, the help available to us--rather than asking how and why things WON'T work...more of us would be actualized, enriched, and expressed. We'd experience a world abundant with expressed creativity and fulfillment.

If we'd each focus on what we want vs. what we don't want, we'd create the life we desire and dream of rather than the one we fear and avoid.

Of course, it still requires responsible choices, courageous decisions and timely action-- along with recognizing opportunities valuable to us in an ocean of opportunities We must take responsibility for our role as creators.

We are each much more than we think we are. We are not just bodies. We are energy, we are knowledge, we are understanding, we are insight; and we are plugged into infinite intelligence and creativity.

If we could see ourselves and one another in this way--each of us a contribution to others and they to us--fear, anger and hatred would dissolve within us and around us. The truer your vision the better the world will look to you. And this awareness will attract its expected product.

Life brings us an abundance of rewards and riches, yet most of us, most of the time see very little of it. So often, we get caught up in a mind frame of lack.

We can open our eyes by acknowledging the plenty around us and within us and by doing this, often we can talk about the wonderful surprises in our lives and thus become ever more aware of them...alert to all the blessings we have.

Finally, just doing enough to take care of basic survival needs never brings lasting satisfaction. We can aim higher--we can "ask for the moon" and we can get it much of the time.

We can do this by reaching down deep inside and drawing out those wonderful inner gifts, our unique talents, abilities and strengths; and by drawing on more of the rich gifts of resources, and opportunities presented both by other people's neediness and our own.

Neediness offers special opportunities to serve and to be served, to learn about ourselves and others and to use abilities of which we may not even be aware. There's more out there (and in us) than we can ever fully realize. We can develop these gifts and possibilities to a greater and greater degree as we grow. The more we develop, the more capacity we build. Success breeds success.

This is what I call thriving.

That's what the 50 Ways To Thrive in this book are about: a life full of expression, lived full out, full blast, with joy, delight, satisfaction and happiness.

Remember, you have millions of times more resources within you than you think you do.

You can start thriving by increasingly discovering, drawing out, acknowledging, and using more and more of what you have going for you inside, and more and more of what's available outside of you--those wonderful resources that are just a phone call or e-mail or a fax message away.


Talk about plenty
Dwell on the advantages
And what's going in your favor


You can bet on it.

You can thrive. You can grow, create, express and percieve beyond your wildest dreams.

By keeping these 50 ways--these insights--these perspectives--these reminders with you, as you open yourself up and increasingly welcome life's experiences, each of these ways, through use, will become integrated into your natural way of being.

Read the first three ways.