50 Ways to Thrive

50 Ways to Thrive

How to Use the Book

Sizzle: We are all born with this heightened way of being. It is up to us to restore what society has muted in most of us.

  • Study and practice each Way to create a greater whole for yourself.
  • Share what you're reading and practicing by mentoring or coaching an adult or child.
  • Read, make marginal notes, apply these ideas to your life. Read again and again.
  • Scan from cover to cover. Concentrate on, or practice one piece per week. Begin to restore the sizzle to your life utilizing the guide 50 Ways To Thrive.
  • These ideas to flourish encourage tapping into your world and its billions of uniquely contributing beings.
  • Recognize the abundant resources, opportunities, possibilities and riches you hold within and are just one call, e-mail, fax or web search away

This is not a self-help book.

Self-help writings are derived from two characteristics: First, they tend to start with a problem, something to fix or recover from, or to treat Secondly, self-help and self-improvement are about making things better, growing, improving in a linear, sequential, incremental (step-by-step) process. They are focused on doing, how-to-do, recipes and procedures.

50 Ways To Thrive, in contrast is exploring optimal expression, thriving. The ultimate human capacity lies beyond "how to" and "doing". It exists in a state of being which expresses in leaps, breakthrough and transformation. It is in a dimension of being and experience beyond what we already know and are certain of. It comes from on-going inquiry, creation, exploration, experimentation, playfulness, seeking, discovery...from an openness to unlimited possibility, awe, wonder and a sense of adventure.

The 50 Ways may seem like "How-to" steps, but really their emphasis is on pointing in a direction, or to a way, to an opening of possibility. See them like doors and windows rather than specific steps or procedure. They are a way of seeing and being that alters us to free something up or make it accessible, possible.

The theme of 50 Ways To Thrive: Putting the Sizzle Back Into Your Life, is unlike self-improvement and self-help because it takes the reader outside the conventional field of reality and their own belief system into a fuller range of possibility. This range is a dimension relatively free of lack and limitation. this is an exploration of infinite possibilities tapped into by thriving adults and the typical two-year old. This dimension is the domain of the "would-worker" (link to my Themestream article). Many of the characteristics may seem like common sense yet they are anything but common in adults and many of them are nearly universal in young children. This suggests that thriving, optimal expression, unusual in adults is meant to be our birthright, expressed throughout life. 50 Ways, is designed to bring this vibrant, vital, creative, resourceful, joyful way of living back into the adult life, and make it ubiquitous in our society.

This book is a distillation of insights from 35 years of Dr. Talsky's personal research and exploration studying optimal organizations, individuals, relationships, families, companies, communities and societies themselves. Into the 50 ways are crystallized succinct characteristics present to thrivers whether individuals, organizations or societies as a whole.

Think of 50 Ways To Thrive as a lifetime companion, for re-reading, meditation, practice, instant inspiration and sharing. And make a difference with gift-giving for that special person who will appreciate it for a lifetime.

50 Ways To Thrive is a quick read and to encourage daily practice of the 50 ways and with people you know and meet, it is designed to fit in your pocket.

Want to know more? Read an excerpt.